Copping sneakers has never been simpler.

Polar Chefs is an exclusive community for sneakerheads and
resellers alike. With the help of our many services, hundreds
of members have secured hyped items for retail price. It’s
never been simpler.

So Why Join Polar Chefs?

Polar Chefs provides members with tools, information, resources and support to help you cop hyped sneaker releases. Our experienced team of dedicated sneakerheads will make sure you get everything you need to increase your chances of success on drop day.

Polar Chefs


Our Success Speaks For Itself.

Members of our community have copped thousands of limited, hyped items for retail and generated millions in resale profits. We help our members successfully purchase highly limited items from Yeezys to Off-White to Supreme and more.


We Treat Our Customers Like Family.

When you join Polar Chefs, you don’t just join a sneaker community, you join the #polarfamily. We support our members 24/7 with our team of 10+ sneaker resell experts from around the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, Polar Chefs is here to help you up your resell game.


We Have Tons Of Features.

We’ve done our research on how to cop sneakers and have implemented some of the top features in the game. From consistent backdoors to over 250 monitors to SMS alerts, we got you covered.

Listen to what our members have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our users.

No, we provide monitors to keep you up to speed for real time information. Bots can be acquired from restocks, groupbuys, and 3rd party sellers.

Cancellation is as simple as a few clicks. If at any time you decide to leave

Polar Chefs Premium is $35 monthly.

Payments are automatic once every month. They are billed on the same date every month to your original payment method. Switching payment methods? Just contact us and we can help you out with that as well.

We support most countries around the globe(nothing outside of Earth). While the best countries to use Polar Chefs with are the US, Canada and European countries, you can use Polar Chefs from anywhere!