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We Have Everything you Need.

Take a look at a couple of features you can only find in Polar Chefs. 


Blazing Fast Monitors

Polar Chefs offers the FASTEST sneaker monitors on the market . What’s a sneaker monitor? Monitors are high-end sneaker technologies that monitor the backend and frontend of sneaker sites and alert members when a sneaker drops or restocks! Our monitors cover 100s of sites for multiple regions including the US, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and more!

Early Information

Polar Chefs members get access to early information from the best of the best in the industry. Want to know how many pairs of Yeezys are releasing at your Footlocker or when that Travis Scott x Nike collab is dropping, Polar Chefs will provide you with the answers.

Unreleased Preorders

We provide our members with access to guaranteed pre-ordered pairs so they can take a W before the release even starts! Want to stop missing out on those Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s or those Travis Scott Jordans? We’re the sneaker copping solution you need! *premium exclusive

24/7 Support

No matter what you need help with, Polar Chefs support is there to assist. Our support members have years of experience with sneakers, manual copping, bots, reselling and more. With staff members from around the world, we can provide you assistance in any time zone at any time.

SMS Alerts

Tired of missing restocks because you didn’t get a notification? Polar Chefs has an SMS system that automatically sends our members a text if anything important happens. Say Yeezysupply is dropping soon or a shock drop just happened on Nike, Polar Chefs members will not only be alerted in the discord, but with SMS messages to ensure that they cook. *premium exclusive

Sport Betting

Polar Chefs enlists the help of the BEST and most experienced sports betting experts to make the best sports lineups on DFS apps. Our sports betting team uses their experience and research to make the best lineups possible to make you money. Our members have made 10s of thousands of dollars from sports betting with our help! *premium exclusive

Success is our thing.

We specialize in helping our members make profit!


I joined polar a while back and was very skeptical about my decision since it was the first time I joined a cook group. But almost instantly from the start Polar was and still is and will remain the best investment I've made. The amount of money I've made, sneakers I've copped and overall experience I've had with Polar has been nothing short of sensational.

– SunnyT07

The best group in the game hands down. Best and fastest monitors. And to make this group even better it’s such a good community. Everybody knows each other and they’re so helpful to everyone and anyone.

– Trace

I have been a member of other cook groups like this and still am a member of some other cook groups, but this is where I’m most active. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, which I think is key to any cook groups success. All the ingredients in cooking tons of hype stuff is here. I met not just friends here, but a family.

– Kixx_23

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polar Chefs?

Polar Chefs is a sneaker “cook” group which provides members with access to premier sneaker copping resources, support and information. With the help of Polar Chefs, you can increase your chance of buying hyped sneakers like Yeezys, Off-White, Fear of God and more for retail!

Are memberships able to be cancelled?

Memberships are able to be cancelled at any time! Want to take a month off reselling? You can cancel your membership and join back when you’re ready!

Do you provide members with a bot?

No, we don’t provide members with a bot, rather resources such as early links, monitors, guides etc. to use in conjunction with an externally purchased bot(s). We do provide members with discounted groupbuys for top-level bots that we have partnerships with.

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