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How Does Polar Chefs Work?

Polar Chefs is a Discord-based all in one cook group dedicated to providing our members with all the resources they need to succeed in reselling. Learn more about how you can take your reselling game to the next level below.

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    Join via a membership restock

    Join via a membership restock

    The first step to becoming a Polar Chefs member is to join via a membership restock. We keep our membership numbers limited so restocks only occur every 1-2 months. To stay updated with any news on membership restocks, you can follow both our Instagram and Twitter accounts. We will announce any news on membership restocks on those platforms first.

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    Join via a membership restock

    Join via a membership restock

    Now begins the fun! Once you’ve set up your account, you can start taking advantage of the various features that Polar Chefs offers. Our support team is here to support you the whole way, so feel free to ask us any questions if you ever get confused!

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    Setup your membership

    Setup your membership

    After you sign up during a membership restock, you can set up your membership. You’ll first need to create a Discord account and join the Discord via our user dashboard. Then, you can customize your notifications, set up SMS notifications, and get acquainted with the rest of the Polar Fam!

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    Start making money

    Start making money

    Now begins the fun! Once you’ve set up your account, you can start taking advantage of the various features that Polar Chefs offers. Our support team is here to support you the whole way, so feel free to ask us any questions if you ever get confused!


A dive into our features.

  • Monitors


    Polar Chefs offers members with access to over ​250 ​monitors, providing unprecedented access to restock information. Want to be the first to know about the next membership restock, keep an eye on our monitors!

  • Autofill Software

    Autofill Software

    Both our manual and bot users can take advantage of our FREE, in-house autofill software. Updates are constant, so don’t worry about lagging behind!

  • Tools Software

    Tools Software

    ​Our in-house tools software allows our members to access a constantly updated software to optimize their reselling business. What’s included? A one-click gen, account gen, spoof browser, cookie generator, and more!

  • Free Autocheckout Slots

    Free Autocheckout Slots

    Auto Checkout Slots allow Polar Chefs members to get their information ran on top-level bots. This way, members without bots can have the advantages of them without having to pay the price of one.

  • Backdoors


    Don’t worry on drop day, Polar Chefs backdoors allow you to secure your pairs before the release. Simply order when our backdoors open (often 2-3 months beforehand), then wait 3-5 weeks after release day to get your pairs shipped directly to you.

  • Release Guides

    Release Guides

    Tired of searching hours for unreliable, base-level information on sneaker releases? Polar Chefs provides you with in-depth resell information on every single major sneaker release.

  • Early Links

    Early Links

    ​Early links give you the direct product links for sneaker releases. Rather than searching through a site and wasting valuable time, with an early link, you’ll know exactly where a release is happening at the drop time.

  • Important Alerts

    Important Alerts

    Never miss a shock drop, restock, or any other important event with Polar Chefs. Our support team is constantly sending out important updates immediately as they occur!

  • SMS Alerts

    SMS Alerts

    Tired of missing out on shock drops? With Polar Chefs SMS alerts, we will send you a text directly to your phone whenever something important happens. No more waiting for an Instagram page to post, be the first to know when anything happens!

  • 1 on 1 Support

    1 on 1 Support

    Member satisfaction is the #1 priority at Polar Chefs, that’s why we have 24/7 1 on 1 support for all our members. Our worldwide support team is available around the clock to answer all your questions and listen to all your concerns.

  • Legit Checks

    Legit Checks

    Our legit check team will make sure you don’t get scammed when you’re growing your sneaker collection. All you have to do is submit pictures of the sneakers and our team will let you know if they’re legit or fake!

  • Instore Information

    Instore Information

    ​Located in a city where there’s a lot of instore cooking opportunities? Polar Chefs provides members with instore information to make sure you’re the first to take advantage of instore cooks!

  • Brick Flips

    Brick Flips

    Polar Chefs members make profit not only off of hyped sneaker releases but non-limited ones as well. Polar Chefs helps you become a master at flipping “brick” sneakers and turning up a profit!

  • Lowkey Flips

    Lowkey Flips

    Sneakers looking dry? Don’t worry, Polar Chefs gives you access to resell information and monitors on lowkey flips such as Playstation 5's, Sports Cards, Pokemon Cards, Nintendo Switches, Funkos, and more! With Polar Chefs, all you have to do is read our lowkey flips posts, cop the item, sell it for more and watch the profit roll in!

Our members

A market leader.

  • Monitors

    Where should I start off? Polar Chefs is such an outstanding group! This server has so many features, from active releases to monitors, guides to bot setups, raffle links, early links, and my personal favorite, backdoors. The whole Polar team is extremely kind and helpful, even when it comes to situations outside of server related information. All of the members are very nice too, they are like family to me! In fact, I met a member in Polar Chefs and still talk with them today outside of the server. Overall, this server has so many aspects to it which is very beneficial, and also the group is more than just a group, it is a lifestyle!

    Jerry Ford Member since March 2019

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    This group is AMAZING!!! When I first joined this group, it was in search of good pre-orders like any other person. However when I got it, I learned that it was much more than that. I am a fully manual user and have been successful on most drops. Remember when the Travis Lows shock dropped…I was able to get 2 pairs because the monitors picked early, quick, sent me a text AND had the right link. I knew at that moment I joined the right group. There are raffles that I get notifications for that I would have never known existed. There are also several other channels and pages not just dedicated to shoes but other quick flips to help gain revenue. Last, but certainly not least, the support here is amazing. The Admins, owner, and key players are honest and always available. They are very down to earth. I’ve tried out other groups but none of them beat Polar Chefs!! You get much more bang for your buck here!

    Cb9 Member since June 2019

  • Monitors

    I have had the chance to be in my Cook Groups. Polar is special, and has enabled me to cop many hype releases from Travis’ to MCAs. Between the Accurate Early Links, Fast Monitors, trustworthy backdoors, and responsive moderators and administrators, it’s a no-brainer. Polar is a necessity if you want to cop for personal or for profit.

    Luxurysnkrs Member since February 2019

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