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Polar Chefs is a cook group that was founded in late 2018 on the basis of providing our members with the best reselling experience possible. Resellers-from beginners to seasoned-have used Polar Chefs to get the necessary resources they need to take their reselling game to the next level.

1 Our Mission.

Polar Chefs was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of providing sneakerheads and resellers with all the resources they need. Our mission is to make sure that we keep up with the constantly evolving reselling space, and provide our members with the resources they need to grow their business. Our staff team is comprised of over 10 sneaker reselling experts, who’ve succeeded both manually and through botting. Their main goal is to answer all your questions and make sure you can optimize your reselling business.

Our Mission
Our Community.

2 Our Community.

At the end of the day, we’re nothing without our community. The Polar Chefs community is comprised of hundreds of diverse members, from beginner resellers, to experienced sneaker collectors. Our welcoming atmosphere makes your cook group experience feel less like a group and more like a family. We have many chatting channels where members can talk about reselling, business, sports, and anything else! Whether you’re new, seasoned, or in the middle, the Polar Chefs family has a spot for you.

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